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How we help you

Business is a short story... Customers = Business... simple...
Your Customer’s Voice is everything!

Your Customer’s Perception is Your Reality


Choose from the solutions below to create the perfect solution for your Business. Interchange any of the services offered by The ReviewA to create the right solution for you! You decide what you need and only use what you need.

You may click on any of the products below for more information
  • Real Time Online review feedback directly to your Business Management.
  • Capture of other Review Platforms into our system – consolidated online review feedback.
  • Daily consolidated reports to Business Management from Online Customer Reviews.
  • Automatic response to The ReviewA & other online Platforms from The ReviewA.
  • Easy to read live dashboard showing analytics & trends from reviews.
  • Telephone calls from The ReviewA Online Agent to Customers who have reviewed your Business on the ReviewA on behalf of your Business within 24 hours after review.
  • Daily consolidated reports to Business Management from Online Customer Reviews & follow up telephone calls to Customers that reviewed on The ReviewA.
  • Telephone calls from The ReviewA Online Agent to Customers informing them of your Business feedback within 48 hours after review feedback.
  • Telephone calls from The ReviewA Direct Agent to Customers on behalf of your Business within 24 hours of those Customers who didn’t review online.
  • Daily consolidated reports to Business Management from Telephone Calls to Customers.
  • Feedback calls from The ReviewA Direct Agent to Customers on behalf of your Business informing them of your feedback within 48 hours from receiving your Business feedback.
  • Contacting all Customers that did not review online or via telephone inviting them to review your Business on The ReviewA.
  • Strategy meetings with Business Management.
  • Current statistics and analytics from reviews – strategise solutions.
  • Trend reports – comparing your Business locally & internationally.
  • Improvement figures – measuring success.
  • Monthly or Bi Monthly.
  • Tailored training sessions for your staff from the Customers reviews so that each of the issues are dealt with.
  • By training in line with specific Customer reviews, we can fix the issues continually, ensuring huge improvement!
  • This tailored training is highly effective, whilst at the same time incredibly fun and enjoyable.
  • We will equip and inspire your team!
  • Monthly or Bi Monthly.
  • Take a look at exactly what your Customers are experiencing for yourselves.
  • We will go undercover and capture the experience from the start to the end of their experience.
  • Show your team and let them see for themselves.
  • Feedback on improvements within your Business and across your Businesses departments to possible sources of business, e.g. feedback on hotel stats & improvements to travel agencies locally & internationally.
  • Ensuring reputation strength by being your Business’s voice on online review platforms and promoting your Business & you Business improvements on our Social Media
  • Review feedback statistics insert/widget available for your Businesses website – have all of the reviews live streaming on your website.

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Without a doubt, this is the era of the customer. Their voice is everything...
The ReviewA is a complete Customer Experience Solution that helps you as our customer increase your
profitability by understanding and delighting your Customers. We do this by listening to the voice of
your Customers and reshaping your Businesses around your Customers’ needs and wants.
Give Customers what they need and want and you will have Customers for life.
What makes us different? The ReviewA provides daily feedback and works with your Business daily and
monthly in a partnership to walk the road to success with you. We don’t leave you with information and
no solutions. We provide the information and the solutions.

18 years of working with our clients to grow their businesses by delighting their Customers has provided our team with a wealth of knowledge and ideas on how to make your Customers loyal for life and send more Customers your way.

Save Time, Save Effort and Make Money

  • The ReviewA responds to reviews on The Reviewa and all other major online review platforms
  • The ReviewA phones Customers for you to find out more about their experience
  • The ReviewA gives you insights and trends at the click of a button for you to make important business decisions
  • The ReviewA Trains your team in the changes from the reviews and agreed fixes
  • The ReviewA helps you fix the issues so that more Customers engage your Business
  • The ReviewA makes sure your Business reputation is great, online and offline
  • The ReviewA directs potential Customers to your Business directly from The ReviewA website

Know what your
Customers are Saying

  • The ReviewA gives you Real Time Online Customer review feedback and ratings
  • The ReviewA does Telephone Customer reviews for you
  • The ReviewA does Mystery Customer/Shoppers reviews to show you the Customer experience
  • Understand the Trends and Insights affecting your Customers and your Brand Reputation
  • The ReviewA gives you flexible Customer Analytics on your own easy to read Business specific dashboard to identify current issues and measure improvements made
  • Improve the Customer Experience
  • The ReviewA Relationship Manager works with you to fix the issues and implement continuous improvement
  • The ReviewA Relationship Manager trains your Managers and Staff to equip and inspire them to delight your Customers based on the reviews and agreed solutions
  • Get more Customers to your Business
  • The ReviewA will improve your Reputation by providing positive feedback to the source of your future business, i.e. existing Customers and potential future Customers, through channels specific to your industry
  • The ReviewA will improve your Reputation by replying to reviews and providing Customer with feedback on The ReviewA and other major online review platforms for you.
  • The ReviewA directs potential Customers to your Business via The ReviewA website
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"The customer feedback from The Success Company was invaluable & priceless. We could address real & tangible issues that were impacting our brand, image & reputation. The Success Company used activity based training to equip our team & sort out the customer related issues. We are motivated, inspired & equipped, thus able to provide better service to our customers. Thank you Success Company!” - CEO