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The Success Company Leadership Development

1 Reviews
Education - Tertiary
The Success Company Leadership Development

About The Success Company Leadership Development

Be an Inspirational Leader! Lead with Positivity, Passion, and Purpose.

Areas of focus:
- Leadership strategy – Driving our company success through your Team
- The Purpose of Leadership
- Servant Leadership
- Your Actual Role as a Leader
- Connecting with your Team
- Identifying, Enabling and Harnessing the Strengths in your Team
- Equipping, Coaching and Mentoring your Team
- Assertiveness and Positively Holding the Team Accountable
- The Difference Control & Influence
- The Art of Showing your Team Appreciation

The SUCCESS Company will ignite your Leadership to Inspire your Team to Drive them to their Individual and Team Success!

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Adele Reviewa

Published 17 Apr 2023

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